Our Herd

In 2010 I saw a photo of a Gypsy Vanner online, residing on an incredible California Horse farm. This stallion is so beautiful that he absolutely takes my breath away. He captivated me and began my dream of acquiring a Gypsy Vanner/Cob. I call it a dream – my husband calls it an obsession. Either way, I began to research these gorgeous creatures. The more I read about their dispositions the greater the “Dream/Obsession” became.

A couple of years later I was speaking to a lady about buying some hay and I mentioned Gypsy Vanners in our conversation. She told me of one for sale within 30 miles of my home. Of course within a couple of days we went to visit. This young stallion was so amazing that within a week our first Gypsy Vanner colt – A King’s Ransome -(Handsome Ransome), came to live on our farm of Tennessee Walkers. Of course as everyone knows you cannot have just one – so now we have Lindy Ella and Lylly Marie to keep Ransome company. We expect to have their offspring for sale next year.

Photos coming soon!