Lindy Ella

547905_3486968660499_1312903597_nLindy Ella is a beautiful, stocky piebald filly.  She is very sweet and good natured. Like her 1/2 sister Lylly Marie, Lindy Ella enjoys humans, and affectionately lays her head on one’s shoulders for scratches and loving.  Lindy Ella’s Dam is Tammy Girl and her sire is Ten Oaks Dupree.  Ten Oak’s Dupree’s pedigree is said to include the Roadsweeper UK, and The Lottery Horse.  They are part of a small herd that were imported in 2007 by Black Forrest Gypsies who reside in southern Illinois.

Lindy Ella was foaled May 17, 2010. She was purchased by 4 Mile Creek Horses in July, 2012 and joined our herd of Tennessee Walking Horse mares, along with her 1/2 sister Lylly Marie.  Both Lylly Marie and Lindy Ella have been DNA verified.

Lindy Ella is registered with the following registries:

Registration # B00001274 – Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc
Registration # GHA00655 – Gypsy Horse Association
Registration # GV02610 – Gypsy Vanner Horse Society